Nastia’s Story

I’m a queer disabled neurodivergent woman in a non-traditional marriage in love with love. My life is pretty much photography, coffee and my dogs, not necessarily in that order.

I believe that EVERYONE can celebrate their love in whatever goddamn way they please.

There’s no right or wrong, but there were rules that have been imposed upon us that often just don’t make sense.

There’s not enough visibility for those of us who are disabled, neurodivergent, queer, non-white, non-cis, non-binary. And I want to see that change.


I also run on coffee and dog smooches

Smash the patriarchy ableism racism

Representation in the wedding industry

Since going into weddings I often felt that something was missing. One was representation.

I’ve been on a personal journey with my neurospiciness and disabilities, I’ve connected with others like me and that felt, clients and suppliers alike, that the industry shuts us out.

I’ve been tiptoeing around making change and making waves, but here are 3 books that have challenged me and changed my outlook on life and my business: Year of The Tiger; Unmasking Autism; The Wedded Wife. I highly recommend them!


Where it all started

I’ve lived in the Netherlands and Georgia, before settling back in the UK, in Dover. I absolutely love it here. With all this moving around , I’ve had a camera on me as a way to remember my family and friends no matter where I was heading next. And of course to capture the beauty of each place I went to. I just didn’t know that one day it would go from passion to career!

I’ve always bounced between different jobs and hobbies, ADHD-style. I’ve been a writer, a journalist, a blogger, a project manager, taking photos throughout it all and working on projects that I believed would make the world a better place. Only now I’m realising everything led me to where I am today. I launched my photography business shortly after I got my first dog Shaman and I never looked back. Now I am taking on projects, writing, obviously taking photos (and videos!) and it feels meant to be.

Born in Ukraine and having grown up in the US and the UK, I learned to celebrate cultural differences and the intrinsic beauty in every single person no matter where they’re from, what language they speak, or who they love. I carry that with me in my daily and professional life, striving to make everyone as comfortable as humanly possible in order to let them shine.

My wedding photography business ethos and promises

I vow to uplift everyone in their journey to love and visibility.

I vow to shoot more weddings with dogs.

I vow to participate in projects that align with my values and make waves.

I vow to maintain my business a safe space for everyone (well except bigots, racists, sexists, ablists, etc.)

I vow to challenge what people think a marriage and a wedding could be. Yes, you can get married in onesies in a theme park! Please invite me.

Obviously I don’t just do weddings, it’s forbidden by the ADHD code. Check out my other businesses!

Meet the team


  • Georgian princess
  • bringer of destruction and cuddles


  • the weirdo who will make you laugh
  • not shy to climb on things and roll on the ground to get that cool shot


  • the reason it all began
  • a very good boi


“Nastia makes you feel comfortable and offers suggestions to make you look your greatest. As someone that has zero experience with posing, I really appreciated this.”


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