Prep Studio for Your Wedding Day: Worth It or Not?

When the topic of wedding prep comes up, my first thought is “orange sainsbury’s bag”.

This is not a dig, I repeat this is not a dig. As a wedding photographer (and videographer!) I have seen many wedding day prep locations.

Those of you who follow me know I’m all about how the day unfolds naturally – warts and all. 

As much as I love gorgeous artsy portraits, when it comes to telling a story about a significant day, I want to include all the nitty-gritty bits. And that includes grocery bags all over your hotel room floor and your friends and family getting all emotional.

However, for so many people their wedding day is an incredibly special day and that includes every last detail, which starts with the wedding day prep. And that, my friends, really starts with picking a great location such as a prep studio for your wedding day.

Is a prep studio for your wedding day worth it or not? Let’s get into that…

Space for all of the party and all of the bubbles before your wedding commences

When I first heard of The Pretty Prep Studios, I was intrigued! A few of the venues I’ve shot at have a dedicated room for prep, but most often it’s just a small area in the bride/groom/spouse-to-be’s hotel room or house. And it’s not a bad thing at all. But some aspects you just have to accept:

  • It might be a little cramped for all of the members of your party, making it quite a balancing act for your suppliers as well. While I believe wedding suppliers definitely have superpowers, managing to not get in the way of (potentially) 2 videographers, your second photographer, hairdresser, makeup artist… is another level!
  • The lighting may be less than ideal for photos. It’s a pretty big one for me, and while I never shy away from a healthy amount of flash, I still prefer a well-lit prep room.
  • The Sainsbury’s bag. When you don’t have much space, you’ve got nowhere to put all the things you need to bring in to get ready. I was impressed with how much space this prep studio for your wedding day has, so you can just enjoy the getting ready part of the day without worrying that your photos will look cluttered!

More flexibility with your reception venue…

Of course being in one location for your prep, ceremony and reception has an enormous advantage. But if the prep studio for your wedding day is within 15-20 min of your venue, then it’s definitely worth considering.

I love finding about the latest in the local Kent wedding industry, so definitely take this as a shoutout to The Pretty Prep Studios.

They’re located super close to The Secret Garden, Eastwell Manor, Kennington Hall, Bilsington Priory Estate, Crown Lodge, to name just a few. And given that sometimes there’s only space for prep at venues for only one side of the party, booking a dedicated prep studio can definitely solve that issue!

Book suppliers in one go

It can be pretty overwhelming to get all your suppliers sorted, but when it comes to getting ready for your big day – there’s a million and one choices. Your venue can likely recommend some, but so can your prep studio! If you want some recommendations now, keep scrolling to read on about our feature in one of the biggest wedding magazines in the UK, Kent edition.

Featured in Your Kent Wedding

All of the content in this blog was shot on a collaborative shoot at The Pretty Prep Studios with fantastic suppliers Ruth Ashcroft Makeup Artist and Lisa Tull Artistry. We’ve been featured in an issue of Your Kent Wedding, so go check it out if you haven’t yet!

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Dresses @bridalboutiqueofjules

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Get Ready Room  @theprettyprepstudios

 Put together your wedding day prep timeline

Now that you have a better idea whether a prep studio for your wedding day is worth it or not, you’ll be able to put together your wedding day prep timeline to ensure a smooth running process for you, your guests and your suppliers!

I am a Kent wedding photographer, so if you would like to chat, get in touch here.


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