Romantic Rose Petal Proposal at Port Lympne in Kent

Want to do a romantic secret proposal in Kent? I got you!

More and more people want to look back on beautiful photos and videos capturing special moments in their lives. And what could be more special than the moment two people decide to get married? I may not be the most soppy person alive but proposals definitely bring happy tears to my eyes because there’s nothing more incredible than witnessing people so in love.

How I did a secret proposal photoshoot at a Port Lympne Safari Park

When L reached out to me asking if I could photograph the moment he proposes to his girlfriend, I immediately said yes! I’ve done proposals before and love this venue, but I wasn’t prepared for this new challenge.

The idea was to do it in an intimate setting, namely at their cabin the couple was to stay in during their visit to Port Lympne. Usually proposals that I photograph happen more publicly like at a restaurant or a beach, or park, which gives me more opportunities to blend in and be at a bit of a distance. But how do I make sure I don’t spoil the moment in a cosy cabin for two?

Visiting Port Lympne to find the perfect photo spot

In the week leading up to the proposal I went down to Port Lympne Reserve so that I could figure out a space where I could be hidden away in the cabin and not spoil the surprise. I was also worried that the lighting might be incredibly tough as the only spot I could see for the proposal would be in front of a window with the sun shining right through. And I wouldn’t be able to use flash to compensate as that would not have been appropriate on this occassion.

I couldn’t have picked a worse day to go to be honest as it was pouring down rain all day long and it was very gloomy! And that was a good thing, as I could see what it would look like in the worst case scenario. A member of staff brought me down to the cabin in a golf cart and I finally saw where everything was going to happen. The only possible spot for me to be hidden away and capture L & M would be in this tiny alcove above their bed that had some extra mattresses (for kids I assume).

Decorating for a romantic proposal

When I got back to L, I explained that I would have much space for movement and that he would have to inform M of my presence so that she wouldn’t get startled (I know I would!). Then we discussed how everything else would be set up. L explained that he would get polaroids of him and M sent to Port Lympne in advance, along with rose petals, so that they could be placed throughout the cabin and create a romantic atmosphere. When I arrived on the day the cabin wasn’t set up yet but I had plenty of time to make sure everything was ready. And I think I did a pretty good job!

Popping the Question

Finally everything came together. All that was left was wait for L & M to arrive. I was also making a small film of the engagement for L, so I set up a camera in the corridor to capture M’s reaction when she just entered and also I was filming from my little spot above. It was absolutely magical! The moment M said “yes” was so emotional I couldn’t stop smiling. The two of them were so sweet, I’m so honored I got to witness and capture this special moment.

Romantic Couples Photoshoot at Port Lympne

After giving L & M a moment to recover and celebrate with champagne (I’ve learned quite a bit about the leopards in the enclosure nearby in that time!), we all went outside to have a wander around and get some beautiful photos and videos of the newly-engaged couple. The weather was absolutely gorgeous unlike the entire week before, which allowed us to enjoy the day even more.

Engagement Photoshoots in Kent

At the end of our session, I’ve snapped a final polaroid of the happy couple to complete their collection and they were off to celebrate the occassion by themselves.

I was super happy with how it went and so glad to now share the photos. And this is exactly why I love doing proposals so much. The emotions are unparalleled, the photos are always fantastic because the couples are on such a high from just getting engaged, you can’t help but get blown away by the magic. So if you’re looking to get engaged and would like me to capture your proposal, please get in touch! And if you want some more engagement inspo, here’s a post about a sunny proposal on the White Cliffs of Dover.


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